Health Coaching for TEAMS

Simplify your practice, reducing overhead and burnout by outsourcing health coaching to HealthiWealthi™.

Health Coaching for TEAMS

For Healthcare, Corporate, Large Organizations & Schools (Kids & Youth)

Inspire Your Teams

Large teams, organizations & communities join HealthiWealthi™ to offer affordable Health, Life & Success Coaching to their patients or team members without the need to hire and manage expensive staff or change the workflow by simply “out-sourcing” high-quality and personalized health & life coaching to HealthiWealthi™.


HealthiWealthi™ makes it easy to offer Preventive Lifestyle Medicine & Health Coaching services to patients. There’s no need to change the practice process, adjust workflows, market services or manage health coaches. As a team leader, assign clients/ patients to HealthiWealthi™ and our coaches and support team take care of the rest.


Lower healthcare costs, reduced sick days, improved productivity, increase employee well-being, commitment, and creativity are just some of the benefits employees and team members will experience when they are supported by HealthiWealthi™ Health, Life & Success Coaches.


Build your own business on the HealthiWealthi™ platform by adding and supporting your own health coach teams, managing your clients, and earning income. A typical example would be a doctor with 3 clinics working with 5-10 HealthiWealthi™ Coaches offering group, personal & chat coaching to his/her 3,000 patients.

Youth (Schools)

Our HealthiWealthi™ school teachers program will allow kids & youth to discover in a fun way: Why & what to eat, how to exercise, how to deal with psychosocial & life stressors, and how to increase love & support. They learn essential health, life & success skills guided by a school teacher trained in HealthiWealthi™ Coaching based on evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine.

Trusted & Certified HealthiWealthi™ Coaches

All HealthiWealthi™ Coaches are certified habit-improvement specialists trained in evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and Root-Cause Health Coaching

*Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI is for educational and lifestyle habit improvement purposes only. Consult your healthcare provider for medical diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. HealthiWealthi™ The HealthiWealthi™ Community is coordinated by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation with a mission to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible for everyone.

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