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"Truly affordable Health Coaching for Everyone!"


Certified Yoga Teacher and Root-Cause Health Coach™

"250 clients, earning $6,500+/monthly"


Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach, NLP Master Trainer

"It's so easy to use for clients and myself."


Root-Cause Health Coach™ Specialist, Physical Therapist

"Who wouldn't spend $30/month for a coach!"


Lifestyle Prescriptions® Master Trainer, EFT, BWRT, Yoga Teacher

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality,

To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Why HealthiWealthi™ Coaching

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Medicine Summit and HealthiWealthi™, and how we build a new healthcare 3.0 model together with you leading the way.

Healthcare is broken. Professionals and patients agree that new innovative, evidence-based solutions are needed.

By addressing the root-causes, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching protocols have been shown to reduce or resolve the majority of chronic health issues.

As a HealthiWealthi™ Coach, you will help your clients improve lifestyle habits - one micro-habit at a time.

You build your successful online or offline practice and do what you love with a 100% focus on helping your clients heal and thrive.

The No-Distractions HealthiWealthi™ Coaching Solution

As a HealthiWealthi™ Coach, you are directly connecting with individuals, families & teams offering evidence-based

  • Group meetings
  • Personal consultations
  • Unlimited chat support
  • Unlimited Micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®

No intermediaries (middlemen)

No product sales

100% focus on habit improvements

And the best part is, you and your clients earn RXHEAL Reward Coins to live healthier, happier, and longer by improving lifestyle habits.

Succeed as a HealthiWealthi™ Coach

Join the HealthiWealthi™ Training & Platform if you want to simplify your practice & life and rekindle your passion for healing.

Bye, Bye Coach Burnout, Low-Pay, No Say, Marketing Fear!

Our upcoming 3-Month HealthiWealthi™ Training with platform access is open for certified Health Coaches.

The HealthiWealthi™ Training & Platform

Joining the HealthiWealthi™ Coach platform is easy:

  • Complete the 3-Month HealthiWealthi™ Training
  • Get access to the HealthiWealthi™ Platform
  • Add your own clients, work with local doctors, and businesses, or allow us to assign clients to you.

Own your HealthiWealthi™ business, manage your time, and work from anywhere, while being part of a supportive global professional community.

Includes 24 NBHWC CE/CPD credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why HealthiWealthi™ Coaches?

Over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic symptoms without knowing there are evidence-based solutions. As part of our non-profit global movement to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible to everyone, we realized that new innovative solutions, strategies and business models are needed to achieve our goal.

Who operates HealthiWealthi™?

The HealthiWealthi™ Coaching Platform, Economy & Global Movement is coordinated by the Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible to everyone.

What are the Non-Profit Global Mission & Objectives?

Our mission is clearly defined:

  • Make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible for everyone to reduce or resolve chronic symptoms.
  • Directly connect skilled coaches with clients.
  • Help tens of thousands of health coaches to have prosperous, well-earning practices allowing them to 100% focus on coaching clients to heal and thrive.
Our HealthiWealthi™ goals and objectives are:
  • Make health coaching easy & effective (for coaches and for clients).
  • Remove middlemen and obstacles to strengthen the Client-Coach relationship.
  • Focus on what really matters: Implementing micro-habit lifestyle improvements.

Our first milestone in 2022 is to enrol 100 certified health coaches helping lead the way and being pioneers in building Healthcare 3.0.

Over the next 5 years, we envision training and enrolling 10,000 HealthiWealthi™ Coaches to provide quality health coaching to 3+ Million people in need of care and support.

What do HealthiWealthi™ Members (Clients) get?
  • Clients subscribe monthly ($49 US) or annually ($30/month paid annually $360/yr) and receive:
    ✓ Unlimited group coaching
    ✓ Six 1:1 personal coaching sessions
    ✓ Unlimited chat coaching & support
    ✓ Unlimited micro-habit LIfestyle Prescriptions®
  • Clients who want additional 1:1 support can purchase additional personal coaching sessions (at $49 per 30-minute session)
Which 5 main health coaching challenges does HealthiWealthi™ solve?
  • Financial insecurity (low pay)
  • Burnout (overworked)
  • Lack of coach & personal support
  • Marketing challenges
  • Having to work double/triple jobs to make a good living
12 Powerful Reasons to join as a HealthiWealthi™ Coach?
  • Own your own practice.
  • Earn well
  • Simplify your practice (remove distractions, middleman)
  • Minimize marketing or the need to sell your services
  • Don’t be rushed with clients
  • Work with up to 250 clients (in groups, personal, or chat)
  • Learn advanced Root-Cause Health Coaching Skills
  • Be part of a passionate, innovative global community
  • Be rewarded with RXHEAL Reward Coins for improving your client's lifestyle habits
  • Help your community and the world live healthier, happier, longer, and richer.
  • What are your specific reasons? ..............................................................
  • What are you passionate about? ..............................................................
HealthiWealthi™ Benefits for Coaches
  • Affordability for everyone to get their own health coach ($30/monthly fee)
  • A simple platform on which to serve more clients without burning out
  • Clearly defined client offer (consistent for all HealthiWealthi™ Coaches)
  • Client payments are processed automatically through the app
  • Reduced business expenses
  • Simplify your life and practice
  • Higher consistency with annual client income
  • Serve clients both locally and virtually
  • Easy support between sessions
  • Choose your group and personal coaching schedule
  • Choose your amount of clients working part-time or full-time
  • Easy client self-scheduling of appointments connecting your choice of calendar
  • Less marketing pressure:
    ✓ Get some clients assigned through HealthiWealthi™ partners
    ✓ Adding your own clients (happy clients refer other clients)
    ✓ Share your HWC referral code to prospective clients for easy signup
  • A supportive community of health coaches working together to fulfil a mission
HealthiWealthi™ Coach Features

The HealthiWealthi™ platform has been designed for easy interactions between the client and coach using chat, video & audio. We believe in minimal distractions to ensure a focus on "implementing new lifestyle habits". Key features include:

  • Mobile App (iOS and Android) on your smartphone or tablet (PC available in 2023)
  • Group Coaching Meetings (weekly via video/audio calls)
  • Personal Coaching Sessions (video/audio)
  • Chat Coaching & Support (individual and groups)
  • Micro-Habit Lifestyle Prescriptions® (weekly habits)
  • Notes/documentation to pass on to clients’ medical providers*
  • Earn RXHEAL Reward Coins for helping clients improve (to be redeemed for valuable courses, services, and products). See details below.*

* Additional features are being added as part of our development roadmap.

How does a person qualify to be a HealthiWealthi™ Coach?
  • Certified by an approved health coach training (like NBHWC, UKIHCA & others)
  • Complete the HealthiWealthi™ Coach Training, which includes:
    ✓ HealthiWealthi™ Core Competencies
    ✓ Lifestyle Medicine & Root-Cause Health Coaching Protocols
    ✓ Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ (using charts)
    ✓ Group Coaching Strategies
    ✓ Personal Root-Cause Coaching Skills
    ✓ Chat Coaching & Support Skills
    ✓ Micro-Habit Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols
    ✓ HealthiWeathi™ Platform & App Success Strategies
  • The cost of the training is $997, plus an optional $177 for a high-quality printed Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Chart Set (sent via priority mail to you)
  • Earn 24 CE/CPD credits (NBHWC & CPD Standards)
How much income can a HealthiWealthi™ Coach expect to make?

Here are a few examples*:

  • Part-time with 50 clients (7-10 h/week)
    $360/annual client membership fee (minus 10% fee) = $324 x 50 clients = $16,200/annual income
  • Full-time with 250 clients (27-35 h/week)
    $360/annual client membership fee (minus 10% fee) = $324 x 250 clients = $81,000/annual income

Additional personal consultations ($49 per 30 min.) booked by clients are not included in the above projections. *

Client payments are deposited within 7-10 days into the HealthiWealthi™ Coach bank account (minus the 10% support fee).

* Above examples are projects and no income or client enrollment guarantees can be made.

Can clients book additional personal consultations? What is the fee?

Absolutely. Clients schedule appointments within the app. Annually 6 personal coaching sessions are included per client. Additional personal consultations are $49 per 30 minutes coaching session and are paid during the scheduling process.

How would a typical week look like?

A typical week for a full-time HealthiWealthi™ Coach could look like this:

  • Preparations & Education (3 hours)
  • Group Coaching Meetings with Preparation (2 hours)
  • Personal Coaching Sessions (15 hours)
  • Chat Coaching & Support (7 hours)
  • Client Documentations (2 hours)
  • Management, Outreach & Marketing (3 hours)
Where do clients come from?
  • Bring your own clients (clients register via your personal code or profile link)
  • Partner with local doctors, centres or organizations (using our templates)
  • Accept client assignments from HealthiHealthi™ medical and corporate partners
As a HealthiWealthi™ coach, am I an employee, contracted coach, or independent coach?

You will run your own business as an independent contractor. HealthiWealthi™ Coaches own their own businesses, serve their clients, and at the same time are part of a global community and support system.

Can I serve a niche and choose the type of clients I want to work with?

Yes, for marketing purposes you can focus on your niche. But your clients won’t have just one symptom (like back pain) or need help with one of the root-causes (like nutrition).

That is exactly why our HealthiWealthi™ Coach Training is vital to learn the 10 protocols needed to address all root-causes to ensure you’re ready to coach your clients no matter their health and life challenges.

Is the app HIPAA compliant?

Yes. The HealthiWealthi™ app and platform are HIPAA-compliant and we follow international industry-standard privacy regulations.

Can I choose how many clients I serve? How many clients must I maintain to be a HealthiWealthi™ Coach? What about teams?

Absolutely. It’s your business/practice. You may use HealthiWealthi™ part-time (minimum 20+ clients) or full-time (maximum of 250 clients).

As a team leader for large organizations or communities, you may request access to more than 250 clients per coach and collaborate with your health coaching team.

Why should I pay for training when I’m already a trained coach?

The HealthiWealthi™ Coach Training does not just repeat what you’ve learned already. Rather, you will deepen your existing skills and add advanced root-cause-based protocols.

Our intention with the training is to align skills so all HealthiWealthi™ Coaches have the same foundational knowledge, know how to apply the 4 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, understand and are able to address the 6 Root-Causes, and have a basic understanding of Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™.

In addition, we firmly believe that there is always room to grow (earn CE credits), and most importantly we teach you HealthiWealthi™ Coaching Success & Time Management Skills, and how to work with healthcare providers.

When do I get access to the HealthiWealthi™ app & platform?

You will be able to access the HealthiWealthi™ Coach app during the HWC Training (weeks 4) which includes extensive training on how to use the app successfully.

HealthiWealthi™ App Screenshots

Please find below some of the HealthiWealthi™ app screens. We are sure you're going to like the clean and easy-to-use design approach with a clear focus on establishing a Client-Coach relationship.

What fees will I incur as a HealthiWealthi™ Coach now or in the future

The fee structure is simple:

  • $997 Launch Special including the HealthiWealthi™ Training including lifetime HealthiWealthi™ Coach Platform access.
  • Unlimited HealthiWealthi™ app updates (as long as the minimum of 20 clients inside the app are met)
  • No additional HealthiWealthi™ platform access or subscription fees ever.
  • A 10% operational fee to cover costs like server, bandwidth, coach/client support, and assigning clients to you will apply (automatically deducted from the client payments you'll receive).

There are no plans to make any changes in the future in terms of the client membership and HealthiWealthi™ 10% operational fees. Actually, once our platform grows exponentially, it is more likely that fees are being reduced.

When can HealthiWealthi™ Coach add or are assigned clients?
  • You get app access at week 4 of the HealthiWealthi™ Coach Training
  • Once you have HWC app & platform access add your own clients to start coaching, learning and earning.
  • Our HealthiWealthi™ team will assign* clients after you’ve completed the HWC training.

* Clients will be assigned based on new member registrations and may vary from 5 to 200 clients added to coaches not having maxed out their 250-client limit yet.

How many partners does HealthiWealthi™ currently have? What is the expected rate of growth?

We are in talks with mid-size (10,000) and large-size (75,000+) organizations. In 2023, our team will aggressively reach out and signup healthcare, insurance, clinics & corporate partners and assign available clients/members to you.

Can I add HealthiWealthi™ in addition to my existing Premium Health Coaching work?

Yes, you can. For example, you might have 50 HealthiWealthi™ clients (paying $30/month for the HealthiWealthi™ app-specific services) and 10 existing Premium Health Coaching clients (offering higher fee coaching or other services - with clients acquired through other marketing channels).

But please consider the following:

  • HealthiWealthi™ can not be used to acquire clients and funnel them into your own separate coaching business.
  • No upselling to HealthiWealthi™ clients are allowed.
  • No upselling of products or services inside HealthiWealthi™.

You might ask why?

Our current fee-for-service healthcare model is mostly focused on increasing revenue and profit by adding/upselling products (vitamins, medications, remedies) or services (advanced treatment, sessions, courses) which creates a conflict of interest.

HealthiWealthi™ is value-based and client-centred health coaching.

Imagine the deep trust being built by your clients knowing that their personal HealthiWealthi™ Coach is 100% focused on helping them implement healthy lifestyle habits and is NOT trying to sell "something". That trust is invaluable.

In addition, consider how it feels to you if you don't have to upsell 'things' and still get paid really well as a HealthiWealthi™ Coaches.

We know this is very different to what we are used to in healthcare. But that's the point. HealthiWealthi™ is changing the incentive structure and therefore democratizing healthcare. ✅😊

Why RXHEAL Reward Coins?

Incentives matter. Should you be rewarded for waiting until it's too late and then managing your symptoms at a high cost to you? Or should you be rewarded and incentivized for living healthy, taking care of yourself, and following the guidance of your personal health coach?

Should health professionals be rewarded for offering as many services, treatments, or products as possible (fee-for-service = quantity / more services offered mean high profits)? Or should healthcare professionals be incentivized for keeping you healthy (quality / value-based model = with a client-centred approach and a focus on prevention, improving lifestyle habits and resolving the root-causes)?

RXHEAL Reward Coins are part of the HealthiWealthi™ in-app-reward mechanism to incentivize clients and coaches to focus on improving lifestyle habits and living healthier, happier, longer, and richer.

RXHEAL Coins Rewards for Healthy Living

Remember when you were totally hooked to be good at something? I mean a positive type of "addiction" or passion for achieving something amazing. Learning that language was easy and natural. Becoming really good at your job and achieving excellence was so rewarding that it became part of your "DNA".

Working with your HealthiWealthi™ Coach, integrating one empowering micro-lifestyle-habit after another AND being rewarded with RXHEAL Reward Coins will create that same feeling of excellence inside of you.

Your clients will be rewarded for living healthily. They'll be hooked to live healthier, happier, longer, and richer while aligning with your life's purpose - loving it so much that it's easy and natural. It'll become part of who they are.

How are you rewarded with RXHEAL Reward Coins?

HealthiWealthi™ Members (Clients) are rewarded for the following:

  • Commit and sign up for the annual membership
  • Attend group coaching meetings
  • Schedule personal coaching sessions
  • Complete micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®
  • Submit a health assessment (quarterly)

HealthiWealthi™ Coaches are rewarded for the following:

  • Become a certified HealthiWealthi™ Coach
  • Clients attending group & personal meetings
  • Clients completing micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®
  • Monitor client health outcomes (assessments)

What’s the difference between RXHEAL Coins (In-App Rewards) and the RXHEAL Tokens (Web 3.0 on Polygon Blockchain)?

RXHEAL Reward Coins are used inside the HealthiWealthi™ app to reward you (and your coach) to implement healthy lifestyle habits.

The RXHEAL Tokens ecosystem is being built on the cutting-edge Web 3.0 decentralized Polygon blockchain and smart contract technology. RXHEAL blockchain tokens will be publicly launched in 2023 and are a major part of our development roadmap.

Consider RXHEAL Tokens as the Digital Health Currency reflecting your commitment to healthy & conscious living.

If you're interested in owning RXHEAL Tokens or using RXHEAL in your app or platform please contact us.

What's the HealthiWealthi™ RXHEAL roadmap?

Naturally, we will add additional features to the HealthiWealthi™ RXHEAL app & platform to make it even easier for clients to improve lifestyle habits and earn RXHEAL reward tokens. The roadmap includes:

  • Add advanced micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions® features
  • Add notes with medical integration
  • Teams, Doctorprenours & School teachers joining HealthiWealthi™
  • RXHEAL Token Public Launch (Healthy Living Digital Currency on Web 3.0 Polygon blockchain)
  • Convert RXHEAL In-App Reward Coins into RXHEAL Digital Currency Tokens

As part of our global community, we welcome your productive feedback and suggestions on how to make HealthiWealthi™ even more effective - fulfilling our non-profit mission to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible for EVERYONE. 😊✅🙏

Does HealthiWealthi™ have public liability insurance?

Yes, our non-profit Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation is covered by public liability insurance.

Legal Disclaimer
  • The HealthiWealthi™ website and content are for educational purposes only and NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder.
  • Always consult your physician or healthcare provider.
  • By using our website, apps, program, or being coached by an independent HealthiWealthi™ Coach, you agreed to our privacy & disclaimer policy.
  • The HealthiWealthi™ platform connects health coaches with members.
  • HealthiWealthi™ Coaches are independent contractors and are not employees of HealthiWealthi™.
  • HealthiWealthi™ Coaches can and will NOT diagnose, treat, cure or offer any form of medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy. HealthiWealthi™ Coaches are trained to be "health coaches" and agree to follow our strict code of ethics and health coaching guidelines.
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Dedication and commitment are important to us. We aim to work with highly qualified health coaches willing to put their energy and passion into building their own HealthiWealthi™ Coach business and helping to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible globally.

We offer a 7-day refund policy for the HealthiWealthi™ Training & Platform access. If you are 100% sure you want a refund please contact us.

By visiting and using our website you agree to our terms, privacy & disclaimer.

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